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Dagwood and Blondie used a lie to control the situation so it would be easy. We saw how that turned out for both parties. When my wife asks how her hair looks, I ask her how she feels about it. She does not play games with me and tells me. Then I can be honest with her, which means to agree with her opinion and I usually do. I may veer off her track a little but not much because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. UGH! I was manipulating to maintain control of her emotions. SO, what is the answer? Beats me! What can I control? I can control my car when driving, how well I do when working, and talking in ways that are not harmful. You are telling me I can only control myself? But I can control the thermostat. The truth is that I can’t it because I can only control where I set it, but not where it goes. I can control my actions but not my emotions. I cannot control another person's emotions either. I just have to be honest in a kind way and wait to see what happens. No Worries.

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