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I was divorced for about 5 years and starting a new relationship when this realization of being bored hit me. Again I credit God because I had no idea. The truth is I did nothing to contribute to any relationship because I did not ever notice anyone else doing anything like that in their marriages.

Growing up in a time when the men went to work, the wives stayed home to raise the kids and take care of the “wifely duties” as we understood in those days.

As a therapist I have told countless men how to treat and work with their ladies and the men still do the same behaviors they always did. They also get the same responses they always got. Trouble is they have been stuck, have become lazy and do not want to work on their relationship. As if the men in general ever did want to work on a relationship.

This brings up another view of how men in general chase the woman they find appealing. During the chase all of the man’s attention is on the woman. He can’t wait to talk to her after work and can’t wait to see and or be around her. His thoughts of her are continual and the attention she receives as a result is powerful. Women being emotional based feel important, wanted and eventually loved. Those actions would make me feel important too come to think of it. Having the women feel this way is the goal of the man so he can catch her.

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