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I bought my first car at age 16 and promptly drove it into the ground. I burned rubber, bounced off trees in the snow and had no idea of maintenance. Dad left home when I was around 11, I think. I came home from school one day and mom told us he came for his clothes and left. Turned out he had a girlfriend a few years younger than himself. Dad was a WWII veteran and most likely had some symptoms of post trauma. He always drank hard and was always on the move. He told me as an adult that he was thinking of leaving his 3rd wife because of the kids. Her kids were young adults on the verge of leaving and living on their own. I had 2 younger sisters that were between ages 6 and 8 when he left us.

I think one of the reasons I like Hallmark movies is that they always have families that are family oriented and user friendly. Oh yea, I finished splitting the wood this afternoon.

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