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Addiction is a disease of ending up in jails, institution or death unless we ask for help. My suggestion here is that an addicts’ history needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. During or after the process we need to ask the addict what they want. Doing the same behaviors repeatedly and expecting different results is widely known by us lay people as the definition of insanity. Addicts coined the phrase because their actions are the definition as described. I know addicts aren’t the only people acting that way, Duh! In this area I am only talking about addicts. Remember the different beginnings of addiction described earlier? We start there by learning when and where the addiction with obsession and compulsion began, and under what circumstances. Personally I was born addicted. Of course I wasn’t shooting heroin out of the womb, not to say I wouldn’t have if possible. This is to say that I felt different from everyone else until I got with my fellow users. I never wanted a cigarette or a cup of coffee, but I always wanted a drink of alcohol. Even as early an age where I can barely remember much of anything; I recall wanting to have a drink out of my parents cans of beer. Then when they were shutting me off, I lied and told dad that moms can was empty so he’d give me another drink. I did not even consider repercussions of lying, only of not getting another drink. We’re talking under the age of 6 my brain was working that way. I am telling you I was born to boogey, to booze first and anything later.

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