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I am going to go off here on technology or rather our use of it. The couple goes out for the evening or away and what does the man end up doing? Following sports on his phone? Is he doing work from his phone? Is he texting friends from his phone? My wife and I go into a restaurant and look around at couples who are both on their phones, doing who knows what. I have come to understand that in any discussion at least one of the people involved has to be an adult. If I am seen arguing with a fool, who can tell the difference? My point is that if the man steps up and leads a conversation as in giving his lady attention the entire experience creates way better results. I mean in ways of her feeling important, respected and loved. We tell them we love them and after being together awhile; how do we show the love. Oh yea I tell her I love her almost every day I think. Ask her if she thinks that is good enough and to answer truthfully? I understand this can and does go both ways but to illuminate man’s lack of work on relationships, this proves the point.

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