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I enjoy the benefits of being able to buy everything from flight tickets, appliances and even food delivery. Technology has gotten really big and when it works, very efficient. I also think technology is against people coming closer together. Yea you can use technology to meet someone and converse with them, which is another benefit of the internet. We can skype to keep up with our friends and relationships for sure. Technology also creates the easiest distraction known to man. You’ve heard about boys and their toys turn into men with bigger toys. Technology has given everyone a toy they can take anywhere and it is hurting something that needs support. As a civilization we are growing more individualized and fewer groups oriented. Growing up we knew everyone in our little town. There was a patio where neighbors would gather and have conversations face to face. There was a local country store with a long bench inside and one out on the back porch where we gathered and socialized with each other. A gas station was where there were marble tables inside and locals sitting around them conversing with everyone who came in to buy a snack or just sit and talk. I played checkers with those old dudes and got to be a part of that closeness. That’s all gone and the internet is full of hackers so much that it is hard to trust anything on there. There is no closeness and I haven’t played chess for years. My checker playing got me into chess and I won the chess tournament my senior year of high school.

Technology is helping to divide and conquer our civilization and I have to work harder to keep my beautiful lady first in my life all of the time. Don’t give up the ship as it is the one and only true home.

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