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We have descriptive words for all of the attention; like being in heat and lust, which transfer over to sex. When the woman looks good enough or gets along with him well enough it can lead to more than just sex. To women it is a partnership and to men it may be just convenience. This isn’t to say negative things about men; just, that is how we are made. I cannot explain these insights being printed nor can I take credit for having them. I give credit for everything I know or do well to God. My knowledge and decisions got me divorced, headed for jail and losing everything important to me.

You have to remember I am not a reference book and this is all just generalities and supposition on my part. When I write or say something that is pertinent to you, give credit to God.

I am taking the bike out for the weekend and will return Monday with more of my experiences and whatever else I come up with. Have a good weekend.

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