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Women in general are sensitive and guys that are or have been close to their mothers may also be sensitive. The men however may deny being sensitive but we know better. I have worked exclusively with combat veterans and have asked the ones that have the worst symptoms if they were close to their moms. The response has always been yes. There are those in special circumstances as in snipers and special operations guys that have strong PTSD and an average relationship with their moms. I have become very sensitive and had little relationship with my mom so there are no absolutes.

Being sensitive leads a person to having more opportunities to be hurt emotionally. Being cold and shut off leads a person to not notice because they don’t care. The trouble with being cold is they have little or no capacity for Love or caring in a close friendship or on an intimate level. I interviewed a combat veteran that was cold natured and I was convinced he had no issues with what he experienced in Iraq. He experienced combat first hand and took out many enemies and has no emotion towards what he did or what happened.

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