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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I have gone from talking in general to talking about the destruction of addiction. Being an addict myself, it isn’t a far reach. I was going to continue on this path but it would take me places not appropriate for this series of blogs.

Attempting to get your way is the way of the active addict. It can also be the way of an addict that has stopped using or drinking and is not working a program of recovery.

The theory is that when a person becomes obsessed with something, like mind altering substances, gambling, work, anger, sex or anything. Obsession is the behavior that stops the brain from maturing. The obsession stops the brain from being open minded in a slow progressive process. The body will grow, of course, but all maturing stops cold. I was a 36 year old man, married with 2 kids and a job. Being responsible was not my goal it was just something that happened. I was making poor attempts to do life and feed my addiction at the same time. The addiction won, as it always does. My obsession grew but my mature level of probably around 12 years of age did not move. I did not mature accordingly and as a result I lost my family, my job and friends. I was an active addict and I have come to see it happens to a lot more people than addicts. The destruction is just easier to see in an active addict, than it is in an average non-addicted individual. My theory is that my brain has been and still does influence my thinking in a way that appears it is working on killing me. Trouble is that when I die so does my brain. That makes my self destructive behaviors more understandable and less at the same time.

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