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The question is, is he catching her or is she catching him? This of course depends on who is doing the pursuing. I have described the man as the pursuer and being a man I have been on this side.

It sometimes appears the man is the pursuer when actually he is the pursuee. Women can decide that this is the man for them and the games begin. Of course some women can be aggressive and do the pursuing but it seems more logical that they control the pursuit from the other side of the chase. I am getting complicated here and it is going towards what is manipulation. Not going there now. In most cases, I think it is just spontaneous and not planned at all.

Let’s go back to the chase and the catch. The man gets what he thinks he wants. I think he has an idealized view of what this means. For him it means going to work and coming home to his idealized view of the relationship. This view has him listening less, chasing less, if at all and expecting nothing to change. The woman got here by being a center of attention, feeling important and loved. The change in behaviors by the man can leave her feeling a loss. A lot of times women seem to understand this and take their victories where they can get them. They go on a date again where she is the center of his attention. Going on a vacation with just the two of them where she becomes the center of attention again.

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