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SO it seems addicts need to be treated as to heal spirit, mind and body and not necessarily in that order. Do you see this happening in treatments? Maybe some and maybe not so much.

When we put our whole heart into something we risk getting it broken. When it gets broken more than once and again, we become less and less involved and our passion wanes. Addiction work is a burn out profession as it is being used now. The way I am describing is not a burn out job and will produce tears of magic when the addict feels what they have been missing. The clinician will be so pumped up they will attack each person as a potential miracle about to unfold before their very eyes.

Because there are so many obstacles to helping others become clean and sober the therapeutic community looks to medicine to do the job. (AINGHT WRONG!) Pretend you heard me say this aloud with a harsh sound.

The answer I think is to give the addict permission to do whatever they want to do with their lives. The 12 step programs work because they do not tell the new comer what to do to heal. They tell them how they worked on healing and became clean and sober and loving it. The “old timers” offer suggestions to the newer members because they know that telling them what to do does not work. As a kid I was told not to touch the burner because it was hot and would hurt me. Guess what I did. Guess what almost every other addict did under the same circumstances.

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