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The point is that the treatment centers have seen addicts come and go, and the clinicians do not know what to do, other than what they have been doing. I say we put more effort into designing emotionally healing treatments designed to each person and show these people are worth our best effort. Their lives are as important as anyone else’s and the addict needs to see and feel it from the clinicians and the treatment.

Psych medications do not work for addicts because the clinicians find a place where the patient appears the most stable and they medicate them that much. For a community of people that need to recover their emotions all the psych meds do is restrain their emotions. This alone shows there is a “do not care” attitude in treatments that endorse these procedures. Psych meds are about stifling emotions not supporting them to come out and be felt. That is the best science can come up with and that is okay. Drugs on the street or in a bar do not feel. Drugs from a medical doctor do not feel. The drug addict cannot tell the difference between a prescribed medication and a street drug. Both are mood and mind altering, both block emotions from being felt and both create a desire for more. Psych meds are a necessary evil for addicts, a lot like lawyers and car salesmen. They can be good when used in right proportions at right time to correct population, except the lawyers and car sales men have the ability to be dishonest and the meds don’t. That happens until the medicine is not doing as well and it gets increased or another one added. Don’t get me wrong there is great usage for medicines for mental health patients that may have some anomaly in their brain that is the cause of their misery.

I am not talking here about mentally ill people that depend on medications to live their lives as normally as possible. My deal is purely emotional and communicative. Communicative sounds like a disease and here it refers to better forms of communication.

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