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As you an see, I am not in a good place today. When I was using drugs, anything I could get into my body, my motto was life sucks then you die. Since getting clean, working a stringent program and growing, my motto has changed. Now after 7 weeks without a refridgerator, losing everything in it and the freezer, and no help in sight my motto seems to be slipping. We bought a $2000 refridgerator 3 years ago and it took a dump while we were away for a week. It took 2 weeks and LG got a local company to come out and replace the compressor. Trouble is the compressor was not the problem. They did not trouble shoot to determine a problem. The next day when we opened it as directed it was as warm as before the new compressor was put in. Telephone call after telephone call to LG and to the local repair shop that worked on it the first time. These calls have fallen on deaf ears and all I get is excuses and BLAH BLAH BLAH. LG is a Korean company and my calls still go to call centers in the Phillipines. I have been told the lead mechanic at LG, Mike, is being told and I will hear from him. Never hear from him or anyone else. Call again and stay after the call centr person till they get me a supervisor. She acts concerned as do the call center people. Big deal all I want is a fix or a new one. Can't have a new one because there has to be another service call to determine it is not fixable. The supervisor does offer me $200 for a mini fridge not including taxes. Took her offer and she texted back wanting a copy of the receipt for payment. It is the beginning of the 8th week and nobody has come out to work on our unit. We can't get a new unit till they come out. They won't come out and we are living out of a mini fridge. Going to the store daily and eating less healthy meals than used to because we are unable to keep all of the fresh veggies along with everything else. Costing us more money than the huge losses we already have losing the entirre freezer full of meat and others. My new hobby has been calling the call centers daily. They used to ask my phone number but now they tell it to me to confirm it is me again. The other good thing is the first call center person gave us a free extended warranty to get it fixed for free. I mean it was only a $2000 unit 3 years old so I think they owed us that bit. They did not however have to offer it so we are grateful. My gratitude for their little efforts is going out the window after 7 going on 8 weeks of summer, averaging 88 to 92 degree weather and no refridgetator. I have been told it is being put on important status and high priority status many times now and still no results. So yea my patience is on edge and LG is not on my favs list right now. Every time I call I hear the words LG for lifes good and I think LS for LG sucks. Thanks for listening to my rant. You got a small taste of what the call center ladies get daily until I et results. I promise to be back on track tomorrow. Please forgive my title for this day as life does not suck anymore.

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