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Men, from my understanding of being one are about physical urges. Urges to play hard, work hard or not do these things hard. To be physical and not like women who are more likely to more emotionally based.

Gender is becoming more complex because hormones and DNA are not being gender specific, as if they ever were. My comments being old school, as in before everyone came out, is about two genders. I am writing about men and women specifically as heterosexual. Nothing against the other genders, just keeping it simple in ways I know. I get that we cannot control the DNA we get and I am not an expert on LGBTQ so I am not discussing them. Being a therapist I have worked with LGBTQ individuals and I have experience having a lesbian couple being my best friends. I think I asked more questions in session than I answered and I think it went well with all of the LGBTQ clients I have worked with in session.

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