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That’s enough of me going over the same issues over and over again. Apparently I have something going on with those issues. I remember dating several women after my divorce and they all returned back to their abusive others. When I started dating my current wife I asked her repeatedly about going back to her ex-husband. She assured me she would not but I was skeptical. I asked her repeatedly until she became really annoyed and I figured it was time to stop and enjoy being together. Turned out she was done with him and 27 years later we are still together. She loves me and likes me both at the same time almost all of the time.

When I was younger all I heard about from the older guys was sex. So you can guess what I was about for a long time. The women I chased wanted to talk and I just wanted laid. Somewhere along the line, way too late in life, I figured it out, Thank God. Communication is 99% of a relationship. Yes she will listen to the hunting and fishing stories if you give the same attention to all of her stories. You want to always remember we have 2 ears and one mouth so we listen twice as much as we talk. As a therapist I really have to pay strict attention to what is being said and not said. Women need to feel listened to and it can be positive foreplay because it shows how much you care. Men say “I Love You” and it is nice to say and hear; so where is the action showing this love? I mean attention given during the day and I mean the entire day, every day, DUH! I digress.

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