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Now I switch over to discussing how an emotion is stated immediately after the word feel. I feel guilty; in my opinion is a thought and not a feeling. Guilt is a result of thoughts and emits from the brain about someone else being hurt or worse. Then we tell ourselves we are at fault and then we tell ourselves we feel guilty. I can feel remorseful, sad, hurt, abandoned because of actions but guilt is what we tell ourselves. There is no action there, just thought. I believe it has been mentioned that thought an be wrong,. The telling comes from our minds and therefore our thoughts.

In feelings lists guilt is listed as a feeling and I am aware I am on shaky ground here. I can give another person an attempt to causing them to feel guilty to get what I want. I can lay a guilt trip on someone else or even to myself. This brings up another buzz word for me and that is manipulation. I get it that there are arguments for guilt being an emotion and I respect that idea. I just do not agree with it, except maybe in rare occurrences. Of course I am unable to think of any of those types of occurrences right now.

I stray a lot and am working on staying on track. Sometimes which track I am on is questionable and confusing, just ask my wife.

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