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Mom was all about business of making ends meet and at times her ways of accomplishing that were questionable at best. Mom grew up in an affluent family, had dreams of becoming an opera singer and married dad. She got to be a stay at home mom until dad quit the steel mill and went out on his own. He worked at owning his own semi but had trouble picking up loads to deliver. He worked on power line clearing and for a coal mine. He worked away from home after the trucking business didn’t work and they sold what wasn’t nailed down to keep going. Then he was gone and we were alone and mom was working two and three jobs to keep us going. I delivered papers and used the profits to play pool for money. I bought my first pool cue and later my first car from my winnings. I was never much for work when younger. The car was a 1956 Ford that was owned by a little old lady and it was seldomly driven. I paid $125 for it and it became my freedom and my life.

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