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Mood and mind altering substances shut down emotions. Trauma shuts down emotions. Addicts/alcoholics use and drink to produce more fun, which is an emotional experience. The addicts want heightened emotions. Dr Freud used cocaine to heighten his thinking and insights as I have read somewhere. I believe he was an addict from the word, go. The combat veterans have heightened emotional experiences they did not want and it turns them against feeling emotions. The emotions they feel changes their view of everything around them. If I was to work in the Marines or Army it would be pertinent to be working in basic training. I would hold classes on emotions being felt and how to process them so they are felt but not destructively. The emotions cannot be controlled but the dialogue afterwards can be altered and controlled.

In my opinion after being in the army during Vietnam is that the military does not care about the soldiers’ emotional well-being. The goal is for the soldiers to do as they are told, do not ask questions and repeat.

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