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This is where my life experiences come in to play with my work in talk therapy. I took known treatments like gestalt empty chair work, my 12 step work I did to heal and tweaked them to address specific issues. The areas I primarily work on addressing are emotions. I worked to retrieve mine that I thought were lost and I know you can too.

My combat veterans had so much painful memories that hammered their emotions so badly the men did not want the emotions to come out. These battle hardened combat soldiers that faced things we could not imagine and survived to return home. These men, primarily, were afraid of their emotions coming out.

An alcoholic can think their life will improve if they stop drinking. The trouble is that they are afraid of what they have to go through emotionally to be in the improvement phase. PTSD treatments and addiction treatments are so similar and few, if any, treatment specialists address the emotional view point of what our patients are afraid to feel.

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