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Telling the truth can be hurtful to others. To know your motive is the key to knowing how to proceed. To break up with someone because you are not really involved in the relationship is honesty that hurts. To hide it and cheat on them or just ignore them hurts even more in the long run. Confront the issue head on and move on with both of you feeling some remorse and or heart ache. That is an appropriate use of honesty that could hurt others. Your goal to just be honest is the motive that is necessary. When the motive is to get what you want or hurt the other person, it is not appropriate and you need to accept whatever transpired. Revenge is not sweet; it is hurtful to both parties. Revenge is anger and I recall anger is a tool that is destructive. I never fixed any problem by cussing, hitting or breaking anything. Anger reactions stink and that is all there is to it. Throwing fits of anger also shows a lower age maturity level that never looks attractive. Then a person might feel guilty afterwards. Throwing the cell phone because something did not go the way you wanted it to, never fixes the issue. Cell phones are too expensive to be throwing around. My goal is to have a clean psyche with no resentments or guilt because they both hold me back from maturing and being the person I really want to be. When a person hurts another person’s feelings or body; they do not deserve that person in their lives.

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