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Emotional stressors in each individual are different because the individuals and their histories are different. Therefore treatments need to be addressed individually and in most cases I don’t see it happening. It especially does not happen in long term inpatient treatments where nobody is an individual, in my experiences.

To discuss PTSD with clients I educate my trauma survivors about some of what was previously discussed and more. There is a fear of being around others in public, fear of men in general and fear of fear. A person that has been raped is aware of the reason they are afraid to go out in public. The fear of the attack happening again is paramount in their minds. Fear can create a person to shut down and become reclusive. A big problem with healing from that is that action aimed at healing has to come before the healing thinking and feeling will begin. When coping with strong fear I believe an acronym can be used to determine ones next move. F.E.A.R. – FACE EVERYTHING AND RECOVER or FU_K EVERYTHING AND RUN. The latter in my experiences is usually the first choice. Hopefully over time and desire the healing will become more important and desirous and become the goal that over takes fear.

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