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I cry as I watch sad parts in movies more than I do for real life. I have cried at funerals as I believe was appropriate. Look at the ceremonies of life as we get married, baptized, celebrate anniversaries and eventually die. There is a ceremony for each of these and one of the reasons is to feel and express emotions. You ever here the saying they what goes up must come down or what goes in must come out? Emotions get felt no matter how much we want to deny this and to hold them inside us is not appropriate. Holding emotions inside us is downright hurtful. Riddle me this bat people; do you want to hold food and water inside you and not let it out? Of course not, dah; we create special places to let it out and some make extra effort to get them out of our bodies.

What is the desire to hold our emotions inside of us? To not feel, dummy. Yea I might be a dummy but I am an honest lightened soul dummy because I do not hold emotions inside.

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