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My experiences are not the exception to the rule. I am not special or higher IQ or anything that speaks to my ability to grow again after all of the damage I have experienced. I worked hard and diligently, to heal and give myself permission to heal. I had to acknowledge that it is possible to heal after the damage and that it just takes desire and effort.

As I stated earlier about dating other women and having them return to their abusive ex’s. One in particular walked in on her ex as he was putting a needle full of heroin in his arm and he promised to clean up. She left me to go back to him. It did not last long but that was the 2nd time with her and I was done, when she returned.

I totally screwed up my first marriage as I was told by her that I kind of asked her to marry me when I was drunk. She married me anyway and that obviously did not go well.

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