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Dagwood and Blondie are visited by an old friend named Heathcliff. The evening is going along well until Heathcliff starts dropping hints he does not like dogs. This isn’t just one type of dog, but all types and gives no reason, except that they are different than him. Dagwood and Blondie have a dog and are becoming annoyed and disgruntled. Dagwood and Blondie go into the kitchen to talk. Dagwood has to keep his attention on topic and not think about making a sandwich. He wants to rip Heathcliff a new one and Blondie does not want to hurt his feelings. They return to the other room with Dagwood’s stomach rumbling. Blondie explains to Heathcliff that Dagwood hasn’t been feeling well and that it is time to end the visit. Later that night Dagwood and Blondie feel guilty for lying to Heathcliff. Heathcliff thinks something was up but has no idea what and he does not know if he should call back on them or not. Heathcliff thinks they acted strangely all of the sudden and wonders if he has bad breath or bad body odor.

Nobody is pleased with the results and both parties are wondering about what just transpired. Confusion rules this event and has caused issues that need to be resolved if they want their friendship to continue. (These characters are fictional and in no way represent the characters in the comic strip.)

Emotions, feelings and thoughts are the topics and emotional verses physical is discussed. Beginning with feelings being felt statement, and ideas being thought up but not being felt. Someone could say they feel like shit. Now we ask what does shit feel like. We realize it is not something positive or we see as being good so we commiserate with the person. We generally do not want to get a vivid picture of what exactly shit feels like, because we know this is not possible. Besides who really likes talking about real bowel movement shit? When we use the language “I felt like or I feel like” it is really a thought and not a feeling. Emotions are stated as feelings. Such as, I feel sad and feeling sad has caused me to feel tired and lethargic. The language as in, I felt you were wrong, or I felt like being aggressive or lazy, are actually thoughts stated as feelings. The trouble with this is that emotions and feelings in general are never wrong and thoughts can be wrong. More tomorrow

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