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Dagwood cont.

. Let me clarify something about emotions verses feelings. They appear to cross lines because I feel pain from getting burnt. The feeling is true but it is not an emotion. It is a physical feeling. Getting my heart broken is a thought about an emotion of pain. This sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Well maybe it is a little complicated. I guess everyone will have to figure that out for themselves.

I hear people talk all the time about how they feel like or felt like and they discuss thoughts they were having or had at one time. I feel like you ought to go home. Is that a feeling, an emotion or a thought? Well let’s see, it starts with the line, I feel like. So that takes it out of the feelings area. Next we look at the feelings we could be having that we are not describing in detail. I feel tired of being with you tonight. I feel frustrated at the way you are talking or acting and I am asking you to leave. So now we look at the reason we do not say those words to the annoying person or the person that has become annoying. This leads us to other types of emotions, thoughts or is it feelings when we do not want to hurt someone else’s feelings. I know I am getting lost in a continual line of seeking and losing my initial point. Problem I don’t care and hope I will return when this end is reached. My thought is that I do not want to hurt the other person’s feelings so I do not describe what I am feeling; or is it thinking? Right now you are thinking I have gotten myself into a trap and will not get out alive. You may be right and I will give it my best effort to make at least one point. Right about now you are realizing that the difference between feelings, emotions and thoughts can be very confusing. The main trouble is that I am the one confusing you and not the items being discussed.

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