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So how do we do this you ask? I’m glad you asked this question. Beats me, I’m just the messenger.

Actually I have designed letters to be written to the self, the resented and the lost. I will give an overview but not the entire letter process. The issue here is not the letter itself; it is the motivation to get the addict to write. The letter usually begins with either anger or guilt and moves to emotions from there. I have found it is easier to get people to tell others what they think when they are irritated at the other person. Then I produce an emotions/feelings list for them to use for the next step in the writing process. This is to help them identify emotions other than anger that they were feeling. Emitting emotions is a target and the writer is given support to allow any emotions that arise to flow freely. Every time we begin to cry the sudden urge is to choke the tears down. I’d ask the question why do we do this but I know at least one or two reasons. What I want to know is what caused us to be embarrassed when we cry? What in our lives has caused crying to be a sign of weakness?

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