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Between my first wife and my second wife I was learning about myself as I was working my program. By the time I was to meet my future wife I had an idea about how I can be involved in the relationship and not be bored.

You see the in the first marriage I would go to work, come home and then disappear. As an addict, a man or just immature I got bored very quickly of new things, even people. I perceived boredom as part of my problem the first marriage and I had to find a way to overcome being bored.

The solution I came up with was that I was going to continue to chase my lady even after we were married. I was going to hold hands, sit beside her on the couch and come up behind her as she works in the kitchen. Coming up behand her in the kitchen can be tricky so I make sure she knows I’m coming. Then I close in behind her with full body contact and run the tip of my nose and beard over the back of her neck and ears. All the time I am doing that I am also breathing in her scent and hugging her. You could say I am making love to her because I need to keep the loving her feeling active. I say I came up with these ideas and in a way I kind of did. I had the ideas and I give credit for my having them to God. The first marriage I would watch television, hang out with friends, go hunting or just be unavailable to her even though I was there with her. That lasted about 10 years before she got fed up enough and ended it between us.

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