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People want control so they tell a lie. Telling the truth has no repercussions and is the ultimate way of controlling your part of a conversation or situation; DAH!

People have fun saying men are just boys with bigger toys. To me this means these men are fighting growing up and in some ways this can slow and even stop the maturing process. This all depends on the persons’ ego and other criteria.

To tell a lie to not hurt others feelings is a crooked line. When my wife asks how her hair doo looks or how the dress looks on her, it is a trap. Depending on our relationship or our moods for the day the response becomes more difficult. It is easy if I like it and tell her she is every bit as pretty as the day I met her. I might respond with how it does not show off her good qualities. I might tell her how I like her better with her old hair dew because I am more used to seeing her that way. Learning to preplan responses to difficult questions has helped me a lot. Is this manipulation? No I do not think so because I am finding ways of telling the truth and playing it safe at the same time.

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