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My example is that an alcoholic has to actually stop drinking before their thinking will be of a sober mind. Alcoholics get to where their drinking is to feel normal. Now they want to feel normal as an average person but the drinking has to stop before that can happen. This sounded so much better inside my head. I hope the point is understandable here.

A person may want to feel “normal” again before they go out without their crutch.. Trouble is that they have to go out without the crutch before the so called feeling of normal will appear. More trouble here because each individual may have to go out without the crutch a lot of times before change happens. The point is that the action needs to come before the feeling. This is is the scariest part of all. Some view this as so scary that they decide to die instead. The saying is that a person "cannot save face and ass at same time."

That is the primary reason addicts do not respond to treatment. The first reason can be to go to treatment is to get out of trouble. The second reason can be to get a rest and hopefully have enough of a rest to begin using and drinking as they did in the very beginning. In the very beginning it was fun. The consumption of mind altering substances created a comfortable feeling and a feeling of camaraderie with the others tey partied with. The comfort and togetherness with fellow partiers was like nothing that had been felt previously.

Then there are the pain management people that have grown a physical dependence and fear the pain more than the damage done by the drugs.

Then there are your casual drinkers that gradually consume more and more at a time until they have lost control over their consumption.

I was never one of those, as I always wanted more. I would use drugs and drink beer until it was all gone. The next morning I would be irritated it was all gone. I knew the night before I would feel that way but stopping before it was all gone was not a possibility. The trouble is that the next night I would do the exact same behavior. Again I was waking up to being angry with myself over not saving some for the morning.

These different versions of being addicted all have different beginnings. From what I have witnessed the trreatment is the same for all of them. Wonder why it isn't working?

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