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I have had a rough 2 months an have not been able to write. April was 5 surgeries in 30 days with inpatient stays afterwards. I spent almost half of April in the hospital. My job in there was to make my nurses jobs as easy and stress free as possible. I took it as a personal quest to make them laugh or at least smile if they entered my room to help or check on me. I got to know a couple of them pretty well as I made it a point to learn their names. My treatment was exemplary and my recovery so much more stress free. I was on the same floor as the Covid patients and made it a point to ask my nurses if they were taking appropriate measures and being okay working there. They had a wing blocked off and we were never near any of the virus patients. This all comes down to the "golden rule" of treating others how you would like to be treated. I am still recovering and may need another surgery because the problem still exists and the new treatment appears to be helping but not fixing to source of the problem. More will be revealed. Hve a good one and be nice to everyone or just avoid them. Later

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